How to be Successful with Perishable Shipping

Do you need to ship perishable items, like fruits, meats, or medicine? If so, you already know that perishable shipping requires specialized shipping and handling to ensure that your shipments arrives in good condition at its destination. The good news is perishable shipping doesn’t have to be all that complicated. It just requires a little preparation and some sound decision making to ensure your perishables reach their destination quick and fresh. Before you send out your next perishable shipment, make sure you stick to these basic guidelines for success. • Choose an experienced perishable shipping company—Without a doubt, this is one of the most important steps to being successful with perishable shipping. Simply put, most companies aren’t qualified to properly handle perishable shipments. They either lack the experience handling perishables or don’t have the right equipment to keep your shipment fresh and cool during handling and storage. Look for a perishable shipping company that’s been offering perishable shipping services for many years. Experienced perishable shipping companies understand the intricacies of handling these delicate shipments, and they have specific procedures in place for doing so properly. You should also make certain your shipping company has climate control equipment at their facilities so your shipment is pre-chilled before shipping. • Make sure your perishables will be in coolers and freezers during handling—Speaking of climate control, ask your shipping company exactly what options they have available. Will your shipment be placed in freezers while it’s at the cargo shipping facilities? What type of coolers do they have? Do they have coolers and freezers at every transit point they serve? This last question is very important. The best perishable shipping companies offer climate control storage at every one of their transit points. This helps keep your shipment fresh and cool until it’s ready for pickup. • Use the right packing materials to keep shipments cool—. When shipping perishable goods the packaging of your shipment is very important. You need to use the right packing materials to keep your shipment fresh and cool. Use insulated shipping containers. These containers keep the inside of the package nice and cool by preventing hot air from seeping in. You can also use frozen gel packs inside the container to really cool down your shipment and keep it as fresh as possible. • Select the fastest shipping times available—The faster your perishable shipments gets to its destination, the better. Look for a perishable shipping company that offers direct transit to your destination. This ensures that your shipment is in transit for as little time as possible, making it ready for pickup fast and while it’s still fresh. Perishable shipping doesn’t have to be challenging. When you choose the right shipping company and take the time to prepare your shipment correctly, you give yourself the best chance of enjoying perishable shipping success. Just follow these tips, and you’re all set!

Date: 8/2/2010

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