Air Freight Shipping in a Mobile World

New mobile apps for shipping allow customers to access important information while on the go. The shipping industry is undergoing some major changes. As a growing number of people get smart phones and internet-equipped cell phones, customers are demanding shipping companies offer new ways for them to stay connected while on the go. The burgeoning mobile technology has already changed business for some shipping companies, and it looks to continue to shape the future of the air freight shipping industry. Mobile apps let customers get important shipping information • Some of the top air freight shipping companies are now offering mobile phone applications that let shippers conduct their business from their internet-equipped cell phones:Get a shipping quote—Some air freight shipping companies have invested the technology to allow their customers to get cost estimates for new shipments right from their cell phone. This is ideal for shippers who are always on the go and professions who need access to shipping information on the road. To get the most accurate quote, complete all fields of the form as accurately as possible. • Track current shipments—Package tracking is nothing new, but with new mobile apps, shippers can now track their packages right from their phone. This is helpful for coordinating pickup of air freight cargo and for improving customer service. Mobile apps for shipping are beneficial for both the shipping company and the customer. They let: • Shipping companies improve their customer service • Shippers stay informed • Shippers get the information they need no matter where they are Choosing the right air freight shipping company In light of the changes taking place, it’s necessary for you to reconsider the air freight shipping company you’re using. Here are some new guidelines you should follow when picking your shipping company. • Technology offered—Does your air freight shipping company offer a mobile app for an enhanced shipping experience? What about their website?—Does it allow you to get quotes, book shipments, and track your packages? Choose an air freight shipping company that offers cutting-edge technology for the best service. • Experience—How long has the air freight shipping company been in business? The shipping industry is undergoing a lot of changes due to the global economic impact, and it’s important that you choose a shipping provider that’s stable and that has been around for a long time and will continue to be here for you. • Shipping rates—Comparing shipping rates is easier than ever before. Get online to get cost estimates from trusted shipping companies that service your area. Make sure you also consider the value of the services offered by each company and not just the actual price. • Destinations served—You need to choose an air freight shipping company that offers service to as many destinations around the world as possible. This way, you can stick with the same shipping provider no matter where you need to ship to. Look online to find the best air freight shipping company today!

Date: 6/15/2010

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