Essential Questions You Should Ask when Choosing A Shipping Partner

When you’re choosing air freight carriers, you have a lot of options to consider. Every shipping company promises to offer excellent service, good rates, and fast shipping, but we all know that not all companies live up to their promise. The good news is choosing the right air freight carrier is actually easy. It all comes down to knowing which questions to ask when you’re speaking to the shipping companies. Here are some insightful questions you should ask when looking for the right shipping company. • How long have you been offering air freight shipping services? You want to make sure the air freight shipping company you choose has a wealth of experience shipping by air. The most experienced shipping companies have specific protocol they follow when handling packages to ensure they arrive safely and quickly to their destination. Experience counts! • Which destinations do you serve? If you plan on shipping by air on at least a semi-regular basis, you want to be certain that the shipping company you choose services numerous destinations across the world. This allows you to enjoy the consistency of using the same service provider for all your shipping needs. The best air freight shipping companies offer services to hundreds of destinations in all regions of the world. • What type of goods to you ship? Some shipping companies have restrictions on the type of freight you can send with them. Your best bet is to choose an air freight shipping company that has the skills and capacity to handle every type of shipment, including, hazardous materials, live animals, perishables, valuables, currency, personal effects, generally dry cargo, and more. • Which air freight shipping services do you offer? Air freight shipping shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all service. Depending on your timetable and your budget, you may require different types of air shipping services. Look for a company that offers standard air, express air, small package shipping, perishable shipping, over-sized shipping, international air, and charter flights. This ensures they always have a service that fits your unique needs. • Can you assist me with completing the required shipping documentation? Any time you ship anything by air, you need to complete shipping documentation. You’re responsible for generating some of this documentation. The exact documentation required depends on several factors, including the type of goods being shipped, the value of your cargo, and your shipment’s destination. Choose an air freight shipping company that can assist you with completing documentation accurately. • Can I track my air freight shipment? Most, but not all, air freight shipping companies now let you track your shipment online. The best shipping companies even have mobile apps that let you track your shipment on your cell phone. • How much does air freight shipping cost? Air freight shipping rates depend on numerous factors, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting a good value for your shipment. Choose a shipping company that lets you get a quote online so you can compare rates and services. Use this guide to help you find the best air freight shipping company!

Date: 5/14/2010

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