Commonly Asked Questions about Shipping to Guyana

If this is your first time shipping to Guyana, you probably have some questions about the process. The good news is shipping to South America is pretty straightforward when using the right shipping company.. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Guyana shipping. • Do all shipping companies provide service to Guyana? No. In fact, a lot of shipping companies don’t have the capabilities to offer regular service to South America. Your best bet is to choose a shipping provider that has a wealth of experience shipping to Guyana and South America. Look for a shipping company that maintains facilities throughout the region so you can be ensured of receiving the best available service. • What shipping methods are available for Guyana shipping? Your two main options are to ship by air or to ship by ocean. Air freight shipping is the faster option as your shipment will arrive in days rather than weeks. However, ocean cargo shipping is typically the more affordable of the two. There is no right method of shipping. It all depends on your particular needs. • How much does shipping to Guyana cost? Your shipping rate depends on many different factors. First, which shipping service will you be using? When choosing an air freight shipping service, you have to decide between standard air, express air, and other services which you may require, such as door pickup or delivery. Of course, the size and weight of your package also influences how much you’ll pay for shipping. That’s why you should get a few quotes online to find the best service and value. • Should I purchase shipping insurance? Yes. Whether you’re shipping to Guyana or to a nearby city just down the road, getting shipping insurance is always a good choice. While the intricacies of shipping policies vary from one company to the next, the basic concept is that you’ll be reimbursed if your shipment gets damaged or lost. It’s a smart investment that protects you financially. • Can I track my shipment online? It depends on which shipping company you choose. The best shipping companies use the latest technology to allow you to track your package in real time online. Simply enter your tracking number on the shipping company’s website, and you can see exactly where your package is in real time. • Do I need to complete any documentation? Yes. Whenever you’re shipping to Guyana or any other international destination, there’s special documentation that must be completed. The exact documentation you’ll need to complete depends on the type of contents you’re shipping as well as the value of your package. The best shipping companies will assist you with completing the documentation to ensure it’s done accurately. Shipping to Guyana is easy when you choose the right shipping company. Make sure you find a shipping company that boasts a wealth of experience in South American shipping. You want to work with a company that maintains a strong presence on the continent so that they can process your shipment as quickly and safely as possible. Compare quotes to find the best rate for shipping to Guyana today!

Date: 4/19/2010

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