5 Tips for Shipping Personal Effects Correctly

Whenever you need to move, you have to find a shipping company that can safely transport all of your belongings to your new home. Now, you’ve probably heard stories involving movers and shippers breaking and losing items, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Below, you’ll discover 5 simple tips for shipping personal effects safely and correctly. Just follow these tips, and you can rest easy knowing your shipment will arrive quickly and in great condition. 1. Start packing your belongings as early as possible—One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to wait until the last minute before you start packing everything up. It’s always a bigger job than you think because you have a lot more stuff than you realize. So, if you wait too long, you force yourself to pack quickly and carelessly, leaving your personal effects prone to damage. Start packing as soon as you can. You can begin by packing up the items you know you won’t use between now and the time of your move. Then, as you get closer to moving day, you start packing up the more commonly used items. Don’t procrastinate! 2. Use plenty of packing materials—If you don’t have any packing materials on hand, you need to make sure that you purchase sturdy boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and you may also start collecting newspaper to use as stuffers. All of these items can be used to give your belongings a little extra padding so they don’t get damaged during shipping. Remember, the point of using these packing materials is to hold the contents of the package in place. This keeps breakable items from shifting around and getting damaged. 3. Label all shipments clearly—Obviously, you want to ensure all fragile packages are clearly labeled. This lets package handlers know that they need to handle these boxes with extra care so they don’t get damaged. But fragile shipments aren’t the only ones you should label. You need to label everything. Why? Because it helps you keep track of where everything is so you can find it more easily when you move into your new home. 4. Choose a trustworthy shipping company—Not all shipping companies have experience with shipping personal effects. Make sure you find a shipping company that has a track record of successfully delivering personal effects shipments. Never just choose a shipping company because they’re cheap. That’s how you may end up with poor service and potentially damaged items. 5. Purchase shipping insurance—It’s always in your best interest to purchase shipping insurance. That’s the only way you can be certain that you’re protected financially should anything happen to your belongings. Each box should have an itemized packing list. You may also want to consider using a professional packing company to pack valuable items, such as your electronics. Make sure you stay covered by getting your shipment insured! If you follow these guidelines, shipping personal effects will be a little easier. The right shipping company really can make all the difference in the world. Just be sure you choose an experienced shipping company with a successful track record of safely delivering personal effects shipments. Start looking online today for a reliable company that offers shipping for personal effects. Compare quotes online to get the best value!

Date: 4/5/2010

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