Top Benefits of Air Freight Shipping

Why do so many companies and regular people use air freight shipping? Because shipping by air offers many advantages over truck shipping and ocean shipping. Here are just some of the top benefits of air cargo shipping. • Shipments arrive fast—When you think of air freight shipping, you think of speed. Shipments can be sent around the world in just days, rather than weeks or months it could take with ocean shipping. This is especially important when you have tight deadlines and need to get a package delivered on short notice. • Wide range of shipments can be sent by air—Believe it or not, air freight shipping companies can handle all different types of shipments. Amerijet regularly sends small packages, personal effects, liquid cargo, perishables, and even live animals by air to countries throughout the world. • Air shipping reaches hundreds of destinations—Almost every destination you can think of can be reached via airplane. Amerijet offers service to more than 550 airports across the globe, helping you get your shipments to the destinations you demand on time and at a rate you can afford. Amerijet offers a wide range of air freight shipping services to more than 550 airports worldwide. You can even charter a plane through us to ship your goods to destinations all throughout the world. If you’re interested in our air freight shipping services, get a free quote today by visiting

Date: 3/26/2010

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