Tips for Shipping to Haiti

Do you have something you want to ship to Haiti. Not every company offers shipping to Haiti, and some companies have restrictions for what can be shipped to Haiti. So, it’s not as simple as just choosing just any company to ship to Haiti.. Here are some tips for shipping to Haiti that will ensure your shipment reaches its destination on time and in excellent condition. • Find an experienced Haiti shipping company—Make sure you choose a shipping provider that regularly provides service to Haiti and that has a strong infrastructure in the area. Shipping companies that maintain facilities in Haiti will be better equipped to get your shipment into the country and to its destination quickly and safely. • Get an online quote for your shipment—You always want to make sure you’re getting a good value when shipping. Most shipping companies have free estimate forms on their website, making it easy to quickly compare rates from different providers. • Package your shipment properly—No matter how careful the shipping company is, if your shipment isn’t packaged and labeled correctly, it stands a good chance of getting damaged during transport. Make sure you use plenty of padding, and label your shipment accurately so handlers know what’s inside. You may even want to look for a shipping company that offers insurance. Amerijet offers a wide range of service for shipping to Haiti. Whether you want to use air freight shipping, charter your own plane, or ship via ocean (through our sister company I.T.N. Consolidators), we can help. Learn more about all out shipping services by visiting today.

Date: 3/25/2010

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