The Basics of International Freight Shipping

If your business has a worldwide customer base, it’s important that you understand at least the basics of international freight shipping. With some basic knowledge about shipping internationally, you’ll be able to choose the right shipping company to handle your shipments, ensuring they arrive on time, in good condition, and within your budget. Now, when it comes to international freight shipping, the first thing you should know is that special documentation must be completed before your shipment can be processed. The exact documentation to be completed depends on the type of goods being shipped, their value, and the destination you’re shipping them to. If you  have any questions about which documentation you need to complete or need help completing it, our customer service agents at Amerijet, a leader in international freight shipping, would be glad to help. When your shipment reaches the country of destination, it will need to clear customs. No shipping company controls local customs procedures,  but the best international shipping companies have relationships with trusted customs brokers throughout the world who can assist with customs clearance. These customs brokers can expedite the process, helping your shipment get cleared and to its final destination as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Amerijet has been offering international freight shipping services for more than 30 years. Our air freight services go to more than 550 airports worldwide, and we maintain facilities in countries all across the globe. Get a free quote for your international shipping by visiting today.

Date: 3/22/2010

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