Perishable Shipping Tips for Success

Perishable shipping requires careful preparation and planning to ensure your shipment reaches its destination fresh for the market.. Whether you’re shipping fresh fish or fresh fruits, you need to make sure to follow these simple tips. Doing so will be the difference between your shipment staying fresh and it getting spoiled before it reaches its destination. • Choose a company that specializes in perishable shipping—Not all shipping companies handle perishable items. A lot of shipping companies can’t offer temperature-controlled shipping and storage, meaning there’s a good chance your items will spoil during shipping. • Find the fastest shipping method—Obviously, you want your perishables to spend as little time in transit as possible. The faster they can reach their destination, the fresher they’ll be upon arrival. Ideally, you want to find a company that offers express air shipping for perishables. • Package your shipment correctly—Perishable products should be packaged with insulation, so that heat doesn’t seep through the container. Check your local boxes and packaging materials store for insulation materials for shipping. Amerijet offers a wide range of perishable shipping services. You can enjoy temperature-controlled transportation services, ensuring your perishables reach their destination in the freshest condition possible. Learn more about shipping perishables by visiting today.

Date: 3/12/2010

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