Vehicle Shipping Tips for Preparing Your Motorcycle

If you’re going to be transporting your motorcycle through a vehicle shipping company, it’s important that you take the time to prepare your bike for shipping. By following these steps, you’ll help to ensure a safe trip for your motorcycle.
  • Wash it thoroughly—Before you ship your vehicle, you need to know if there are any scratches, dents, or chipped paint on it. If your motorcycle is dirty, you won’t be able to clearly identify this damage. So, take the time to wash your motorcycle, and document any and all damage to your motorcycle. Documenting the condition of your vehicle will also help you in the event that it may get damaged during the transportation process.
  • Remove extra accessories—A lot of motorcycles are spruced up with add-on accessories. These include new exhaust systems, saddle bags, specialty mirrors, and windshields, to name just a few. If any of these accessories are loose or easy to remove, do yourself a favor and uninstall them. This will prevent them from breaking off or bending during shipping.
  • Disable the alarm—Many motorcycles have alarms. If the alarm goes off during shipping, it can be a pretty big inconvenience, and it can also drain the battery. So, make sure to disconnect your alarm prior to shipping.
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Date: 2/18/2010

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