Top Tips for Shipping to Trinidad

Trinidad is a popular destination for personal and commercial shipments. Whether you’re shipping a vehicle or hazardous materials, it’s important that you follow all of these tips to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Pick a Caribbean shipping company—You want to choose a Caribbean shipping company who has offices in Trinidad and employs local staff who understands the ins and outs of doing business in the area. Make sure your shipping company has been providing service to the Caribbean for many years, and always check their reputation to ensure they provide quality of service you are looking for.
  • Plan ahead—Whenever possible, plan your shipping to Trinidad well in advance. There are holidays you have to work around, and you need to find a flight or vessel schedule which will accommodate your delivery dates..
  • Complete all required documentation—Shipping to Trinidad requires special documentation to be completed. The exact documentation depends on the type and value of the goods you’re shipping. Amerijet’s shipping experts can help you complete all documentation quickly and accurately.
  • Purchase shipping insurance—To protect yourself financially, you should always purchase shipping insurance. This way, should your shipment get damaged or lost, you’ll be compensated.
Amerijet has been shipping to Trinidad for many years. We offer daily service from the United States to help you get your shipments to Trinidad and Tobago quickly and safely. Learn more about all of our Caribbean shipping services by visiting today. While you’re there, you can get a free quote for your shipment.

Date: 1/12/2010

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