How to Find the Best Service for Shipping to Grenada

Despite the island’s physical size, Grenada is a popular shipping destination in the Caribbean. Whether you’re shipping to Grenada for personal or commercial reasons, it’s important that you choose a shipping provider that can get you a good rate on quality shipping services. When choosing a Caribbean shipping company, you should follow these simple tips.
  • Look at their experience—Grenada shipping requires that the company knows the ins and outs of doing business in the area. The best shipping companies have been shipping to Grenada for many years, and they also have facilities set up throughout the region to serve customers and to transport shipments to their destination more easily.
  • Get the right service—. When shipping goods to Grenada, you need to make sure that you choose a shipping company who can provide the service.  Many shipping companies are not specialized in shipping live animals, hazardous material or even small packages.  Amerijet is an all-cargo airline, which can provide shipping services for all types of goods without restrictions, from large oversized freight to personal small packages.
  • Customs brokerage is vital—Whenever you ship to Grenada, your shipment will have to clear customs before it’s allowed into the country. Make sure your shipping company has relationships with trusted customs brokers who can expedite the process so your shipment reaches its destination safely and on time.
Amerijet has been shipping to Grenada for many years. We provide service to all areas of the Caribbean, and we can help you with personal and commercial shipments. Learn more by visiting today.

Date: 1/12/2010

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