How the Right Ocean Freight Company Makes Shipping

If you’re looking for a company to handle your vehicle shipment, there’s no shortage of options. But not all car shipping companies provide the same quality of service. By choosing a reputable ocean freight company to ship your vehicles, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits. The best companies:
  • Offer free quotes— Getting quotes now is easier than ever before, and it makes it simple to find the shipping rate that best matches your budget. Simply hop online or call the ocean freight company directly to get a free quote for your vehicle shipment. When getting your quote, just make sure you have all the specs about your vehicle on hand.
  • Assist you with completing required documentation—Shipping your vehicle means completing documentation. If you’ve never shipped a car before, you may not understand how to complete all the documentation. The best shipping companies are glad to help you out, ensuring all documentation is completed on-time and accurately.
  • Make a record of your vehicle’s condition prior to shipping—Before shipping your vehicle; a good shipping company will closely inspect your vehicle to make a record of its condition. The inspection will be crucial if anything should happen to your car during the transportation process.
  • Allow you to track your shipment online 24/7—To give you peace of mind, shipping companies now allow you to track your vehicle shipment online in real time. Just enter your tracking number on the company’s website, and you can see exactly where your shipment is at any time.
I.T.N. Consolidators, an Amerijet sister company, is a leading ocean freight company offering vehicle shipping services. From small cars to oversized vehicles, I.T.N. Consolidators ships vehicles all of sizes and types. To learn more about this ocean freight company, please visit today.

Date: 1/10/2010

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