Does Your Ocean Freight Company Employ Knowledgeable

When you choose an ocean freight company, you want to make certain you choose one that has excellent customer service personnel. Amerijet’s sister company I.T.N. Consolidators employs shipping experts, training their customer service agents to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry. Their customer service representatives can help you choose the best ocean shipping service, while accurately answering any questions you might have. The first job of a customer service agent at an ocean freight company is to explain the different services available to you. This includes helping you choose the best method for shipping your goods by ocean, your shipping options may be the use of a dedicated container vs. co-loading, etc., as well as identifying value-adding services that can create a better overall experience for you. Value-adding services can include door-to-door delivery, climate control, shipping insurance, and more. Furthermore, the customer service agent at the ocean freight company should be able to assist you with all documentation that must be completed. Depending upon the type of goods you’re shipping and their destination, you’ll have to complete different forms. The shipping agent can identify which documentation needs to be completed, and they can even help you complete it. Customer service agents should also be able to give you a quote for your shipment and explain the details of your quote. This helps you better understand why you’re paying the amount owed. I.T.N. Consolidators, an Amerijet sister company, is employs highly trained customer service representatives. To learn more about this ocean freight company, start by visiting today.

Date: 11/18/2009

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