Cargo Shipping - Understanding the Basics

If you’re new to cargo shipping, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the terms commonly used in the industry. This way, you’ll know what someone is talking about when they tell you that you need to complete a “Shipper’s Export Declaration.” Here are some key cargo shipping terms you should know. • Shipper—This is simple enough. The shipper is the person (most likely you) whose name is put in the shipper’s column in the bill of lading. In other words, the person who is sending the cargo. • Consignee—This is the individual who will be receiving and signing for the cargo. • Customs authority—The government body responsible for examining incoming shipments to determine which ones are allowed to enter the country and which aren’t. Customs taxes are to be paid by the shipper. • Customs broker—Individuals who assist importers and exporters in meeting local rules and regulations so that their goods may pass through customs. • Cargo shipping company—The company that ships your goods to their destination. Cargo shipping companies may offer shipping by air, ocean, or truck. • Shipping insurance—While insurance policies vary by shipping company, they are designed to protect the shipper financially should their shipment get lost or damaged. Have more questions about cargo shipping. Amerijet has been a leader in the industry for 30 years. Contact Amerijet today!

Date: 11/10/2009

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