Chartering Your Own Plane

Amerijet offers both one-time charters and long-term subcontract charter agreements to businesses of all sizes. With 30 years of experience, Amerijet has the experience to provide reliable and affordable air cargo shipping services. If your business needs to charter an aircraft for air cargo shipping, there are several things you should first consider. • Do the scheduled flights meet your needs? Amerijet has flights departing daily to countries throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and offers seamless connections to the rest of the world. You should first view our flight schedule to see if any of our normal flights meet your shipping requirements. If they don’t, perhaps chartering an aircraft through Amerijet is your best option. • Consider the size of your shipment—Another reason you might need to charter your own aircraft is because you have a bulk shipment that takes up a significant amount of space. With a large volume, a dedicated aircraft is often the most cost-effective solution. • Know the type of goods you’re shipping—Some shipments are time-sensitive, and it’s important that they reach their destination as quickly as possible. For these shipments, chartering an aircraft is a viable option providing a dedicated service from origin to destination faster than with any other air cargo shipping company. Examples of shipments that might require a charter include live animals, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, plants and flowers, and hazardous materials. You might also consider chartering an aircraft for special, high-value items. If you have any questions about air cargo shipping or chartering a plane, contact Amerijet today.

Date: 11/8/2009

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