Shipping Animals - How to Prepare Your Shipment

Date: 10/16/2009

At Amerijet, we understand that preparation plays a key role in successfully shipping animals internationally. For this reason, we’ve come up with a list of guidelines to follow when preparing your animal for shipping. This will make the process stress-free and mistake-free.

  • Find the right cargo shipping company—Not all cargo shipping companies offer animal shipping services. And of the few that do offer these services, many have strict restrictions on which types of animals you’re allowed to ship. As a leader in the animal shipping field, Amerijet accepts the widest range of animals. From thoroughbred racehorses, exotic zoo animals to domesticated animals, the experts at Amerijet know what it takes to get your animal there safely and comfortably.
  • Obtain medical records—Always have copies of vaccination records and other medical documents on hand. The health of the animal is crucial for clearing the various governmental regulations on animal shipping. It also lets the crew know of any special attention your animal needs to receive during shipping.
  • Complete all required documentation—When shipping animals—whether domestically or internationally—you’re going to have to complete quite a bit of documentation. If you don’t know which documentation is required for your shipment, contact an Amerijet shipping agent today. Amerijet’s representatives are happy to walk you through this process.
Shipping animals should be a stress-free experience. At Amerijet, you can rest easy knowing your animal will always receive the attention and care it needs for a safe and comfortable trip.

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