Shipping to Santo Domingo

Shipping to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic with Amerijet, the company can provide speedy, reliable delivery of all types and sizes of items, including vehicles, perishable items, live animals and hazardous materials. Amerijet will work with you to provide a customized shipping plan using air, ocean and inland shipping options to ensure your items reach their final destination within your designated time frame. International Shipping When shipping to Santo Domingo, each type of commodity will require specific documentation. For example, when shipping animals to Santo Domingo, each species will have its own requirements for import. Amerijet can assist you in providing the proper documentation for any type of items that you are shipping to Santo Domingo and can answer any questions you may have about preparing your shipment for international shipping. To schedule shipping to Santo Domingo, you can simply contact an Amerijet customer service representative to begin the shipping process. Amerijet ships to all ports in Santo Domingo, including Santiago and Puerto Plata. Your shipping options can include expedited shipping, standard cargo shipping, and air or ocean freight shipping to Santo Domingo. Amerijet also offers inland shipping in within the region of Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata providing you with a full range of shipping options. Local Service In addition to providing a wide selection of shipping options, Amerijet’s local shipping offices are able to assist you with local customs clearance to ensure that your items move quickly to their final destination. This is especially important when shipping perishable items or when shipping animals to the region. All shipments can be sent using refrigerated, chilled or frozen storage when shipping to Santo Domingo. With Amerijet, shipping to Santo Domingo can be accomplished with the help of trusted shipping professionals. Your items can be shipped using a variety of customizable shipping solutions to reach their destination within your time frame and budget, giving you options that are perfect for your company.

Date: 9/21/2009

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