Shipping to Trinidad

Shipping to Trinidad using Amerijet, International Inc. provides your company with many different shipping options that include shipping via ocean or air cargo services. You will find that you can send all types of commodities using Amerijet, including small, personal packages and large, commercial shipments of goods. Ports in Trinidad Amerijet has a centralized hub in Trinidad that provides quick access to all of the other islands in the Caribbean, making it an important destination for all goods entering the region. You will find that the local offices in Trinidad also offer chilled and frozen storage for shipments of perishable goods. This locally operated station can provide storage during transportation to another island in the Caribbean, or can be used to warehouse items until picked up by the recipient. Amerijet’s local offices can also provide door to door services when shipping to Trinidad, using inland trucking services or air cargo transportation services, just to name a couple of the many forms of shipping that are currently available in the region. Shipping is available in all of Trinidad’s major ports, including Port of Spain and Marabella. Planning Your Shipment When shipping to Trinidad, you will need to ensure that the proper documentation accompanies all shipments. If you need assistance with determining which paperwork is needed when shipping to Trinidad, then you may contact Amerijet’s trained customer service to receive the assistance you need. Amerijet customer service can also provide solutions to any shipping needs you have, whether it is forwarding logistics or sending a valuable item to a relative in Trinidad. For flexible options when shipping to Trinidad, Amerijet can provide everything you are looking for, plus affordable shipping options for shipments of all types. Amerijet will even provide estimates for your shipments either online or when you visit a local office.

Date: 8/29/2009

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