Shipping to South America

Shipping to South America with Amerijet can be accomplished using either air or ocean cargo shipping. With a wide selection of shipping options, such as regular and expedited shipping, you can easily choose the options that fit your budget and time frame best. Amerijet offers several local offices in South America, providing local service for international shipments. Preparing Your Shipment When you are shipping to South America, you will need to prepare your shipping documents for customs clearance. Amerijet can provide assistance with all other documentation for commodities sent via air or ocean freight to South America. If you are shipping hazardous materials, Amerijet can also provide labeling services to ensure your items meet criteria for international shipping. You can arrange for pick up of any items using Amerijet’s door to door shipping services when shipping to South America, as well. Typically when shipping large items, such as cars or household goods you will choose the ocean cargo shipping service. Amerijet’s air freight service is a reliable and cost effective solution for large or small items which need to arrive in South America in a shorter transit time. When shipping by air, you can ship to South America using a standard air service, express or courier/small package service. Customized, Flexible Shipping Options When shipping to South America with Amerijet, you will be given the opportunity to work with the customer service staff to find the shipping options that meet the needs of your business best. If you need forwarding logistics to South America, then the company can provide you with everything from documentation service, to packing, storage and delivery. You may also need to ship your items quickly, which can be accomplished using Amerijet’s expedited shipping services that are available in South America. Other items may require special care, such as shipments of live animals. Amerijet can provide the customized care that you are looking for when shipping to South America or any of their many destinations.

Date: 8/15/2009

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