Shipping Hazardous Materials

Shipping hazardous materials to international destinations with Amerijet is a simple, streamlined solution that can make the process one that is smooth and pleasant. All shipments of hazardous materials can be shipped using air or ocean cargo transportation for international shipments, with the option of using local transportation at most destination countries for door to door shipping. Services Offered Amerijet offers a wide range of services to simplify shipping hazardous materials, including assisting with the proper packing and labeling of packages in preparation for their arrival in the international customs office. All items must also have the required documentation. Amerijet can provide services that include assistance with documentation, photo documentation of items upon arrival at their destination, and warehousing services for goods that need to spend a short time in storage before being sent to their final destination. To prepare for shipping hazardous materials with Amerijet, you simply need to know some basic information about the shipment. The dimensions and weight, and whether or not the items can be stacked during shipping are common pieces of information that will be asked when shipping hazardous materials internationally. Other regulations will depend on the type of commodity that you are shipping with Amerijet. Customized Service Amerijet offers customized solutions when shipping hazardous materials to international destinations. Customers may choose from either air or ocean cargo shipping. One consideration that will help you decide your shipping method is the timeframe that you have for delivery. Often, air cargo shipping can be expedited to reach its destination in as little as twenty-four hours. Ocean cargo shipping has the benefit of the ability to ship extra large, bulky items or shipments to international ports across the world. If you need to ship the items directly to the recipient, Amerijet will assist you in choosing an alternate mode of transportation once the items have reached the port of destination.

Date: 8/11/2009

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