Shipping to Haiti

Amerijet International Inc. offers direct shipping to Haiti using both ocean and air cargo transportation. With local offices on the island, shipping to cities in Haiti such as Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Miragoane and their surrounding regions is simple. Amerijet can offer streamlined shipping options for even the most time-sensitive materials, such as foods and other perishables. Shipping Options Amerijet offers shipping to Haiti using air and ocean cargo services. Amerijet offers shipping on all types of commodities, including hazardous materials, live animals and perishable goods to Haiti. With shipping options that include packing, crating, labeling and warehousing, Amerijet provides full service shipping to Haiti. For urgent shipments, Amerijet offers a very competitive express service to Haiti. Both, air and ocean cargo shipping are good options when shipping to Haiti. Air cargo shipping is recommended when you need to ship items quickly. Air cargo can include both large commercial shipments of goods and smaller personal shipments of items. Amerijet customer service can provide estimates for all items when shipping to Haiti, including estimates for items of high value and commercial shipments. You will need to have the dimensions and the weight of the shipment when contacting customer service for an accurate shipping estimate, as well as the planned destination and departure points. Shipping Hazardous Materials When shipping to Haiti, you will need to clearly label all items that are considered hazardous. Some common items that are sent internationally that are considered hazardous materials include batteries, some toiletries, and paint. Amerijet can provide assistance when shipping hazardous materials to any international destination to ensure your items move through customs quickly. With flexible, customized shipping options, shipping to Haiti with Amerijet is a simple, smooth process.

Date: 8/24/2009

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