Shipping Animals

When you are interested in shipping animals to international destinations, Amerijet is a company that you can trust to bring experience you need.. When shipping live animals, special care is taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals throughout the shipping process. What To Know About Shipping Animals Shipping animals requires compliance of a very regulated process that often includes having a thorough examination of each animal by a licensed veterinarian. Some animal imports are also restricted by the destination country, and therefore will not be allowed. Your Amerijet shipping specialist can help you throughout the entire shipping process from preparing your shipment to ensuring all of the proper steps are taken to verify that all of the shipping documentation has been completed. Some common considerations for shipping animals include: * An examination by a licensed, approved veterinarian * A possible quarantine period, as determined by the destination country and species of animal * Administering of shots, as required by destination country and species of animal * Documentation verifying the animal’s health These are just a few of the most common things that need to be documented before shipping live animals. All destination countries will have their own specific standards for shipping live animals into the country. Shipping Animal and Plant Products If you need to ship animal products, such as viable eggs, then you will also need to follow standard protocol. Amerijet can assist you with the documentation for both animal and plant shipments of any type, including those for seeds, hatchlings and samples of soil. All of these items may be considered to have living plant or animal species, and should be treated accordingly when shipping to an international destination. Shipping animals, plants and other living materials requires special care. Amerijet offers both international air and ocean cargo shipping for all types of commodities, including animals and other organisms.

Date: 8/9/2009

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