Air Cargo Transportation

Air cargo transportation is one of the most popular shipping options for shipping to international destinations. Air cargo is shipped quickly to a wide variety of international and domestic locations, including North America, South America, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Finding the right air cargo transportation services for your shipping needs is simple when you work with Amerijet. This company can provide customized service for any type of commodity, including live animals and hazardous materials. Shipping Options Air cargo transportation can be used for a wide variety of items, including the following: * Large, commercial shipments of goods * Small personal shipments of items, such as clothing and household goods * Hazardous materials * Plants, seeds and other biological matter * Automobiles * …And hundreds of other items You may choose between standard air cargo shipping and expedited shipping services with air cargo transportation from Amerijet, International Inc. The company is willing to work with you to find the right shipping option for the timeframe and budget that you require, and can offer door to door shipping on any shipment that you have using inter-modal transportation services such as railways and trucking services. Shipping Hazardous Materials Shipping hazardous materials is simple with Amerijet. Since hazardous materials need to be properly documented, the company offers packing, crating and labeling services for all shipments of hazardous materials. Even though you may not expect to ship hazardous materials, there are dozens of household items that are considered harmful and must be treated as such when shipping both domestically and internationally. Some common items include * Batteries * Paint * Common household cleaners * Commercial grade cleaners * Some biological matter * Some common toiletries If you have any questions about whether or not the items you are shipping should be labeled and shipped as hazardous materials, Amerijet can provide answers. Air cargo transportation specialists are waiting to help you with any aspect of the shipping process, and can even recommend services to streamline and simplify all your shipping needs.

Date: 8/1/2009

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