Shipping to Grenada

Shipping to Grenada with Amerijet International, Inc, is a simple process that can be accomplished using air, ocean and land shipping methods. Amerijet will work with you to provide customized shipping options that ensure your items reach their destination point without delay. Shipping Options When shipping to Grenada, you will have many different options to choose from, including expedited shipping and standard cargo shipping. Your Amerijet customer service representative will go over all available shipping solutions depending on the type of commodity that you are shipping to Grenada to find the one that meets your budget and time frame best. The customer service staff can also provide information to ensure all of the proper documentation accompanies your international shipment. The Amerijet offices in Grenada are equipped to handle shipments of hazardous materials, live animals and all types of freight. You can have your commodities shipped into St. Georges, or you may opt for air cargo transportation that arrives in Point Salinas International Airport. All items may then be shipped into Grenada using inland transportation services provided by local Amerijet offices. Preparing Your Shipment When shipping to Grenada, you will need to contact Amerijet International Inc. to plan your departure dates. If you need specific services, such as packing and crating, then you will want to plan your shipment in advance to ensure all of the work is done prior to the date of departure. Amerijet offers expedited shipping to Grenada for all types of commodities, giving you the option of ensuring that your items reach their destination on time. Amerijet can supply you with all of the transporation solution needed to make shipping to Grenada streamlined. With services that include forwarding logistics and courier/small package service, shipping to Grenada includes all of the options you need to make shipping a simple process.

Date: 7/1/2009

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