Ocean Freight Company

Amerijet’s sister company I.T.N. Consolidators is an ocean freight company with over twenty years of experience and a wide selection of shipping options, including the ability to ship hazardous materials or live animals overseas. Shipping larger items, such as vehicles or items of unusual size, is also possible with Amerijet’s ocean freight shipping service.

Benefits of Ocean Cargo Shipping

An ocean freight company can offer you very straightforward shipping options that will allow you to send even extremely large shipments of goods to international locations throughout the world. In most cases, your cargo shipping options will include port to port shipping, but Amerijet also offers customized solutions, such as customs brokerage and delivery, which will allow you to send your goods directly to the intended recipient. The company uses a wide selection of transportation services, including inland trucking options that can take your shipment directly to its destination. Amerijet’s sister company I.T.N. Consolidators is an ocean freight company that takes their commitment to customer service seriously. The greatest benefit of choosing ocean freight shipping is the convenience to you, the end user. You can schedule your shipment to be packed and crated by the company, who can then ship the goods to their port of departure for you. You can contact Amerijet shipping specialists both over the phone and online, or you can stop by a local office for more information.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Amerijet provides flexible options for shipping hazardous materials, with services that include assisting with the proper documentation and labeling for your goods.  You will easily be able to ship any type of commodity with Amerijet and its ocean freight company I.T.N. Consolidators. Some common items that require to be shipped as hazardous include paints, batteries and some common cleaning solutions. Amerijet will be able to help you identify if your shipment is considered hazardous material, label, and document and ship these goods to locations around the world. Shipping hazardous materials does require following the local regulations in both the countries of departure and arrival, and Amerijet can walk you through the process.

Date: 7/6/2009

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