Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping is an excellent choice for international shipping whether you need to ship one single shipment of personal items, or you need to schedule one or more full containers of commercial goods to ship overseas. Some common items that can be shipped using ocean freight shipping are bulky household items, vehicles, and large commercial shipments of goods destined for international locations. Planning Your Ocean Freight Shipment There are three basic load sizes for ocean freight: Full container loads, loads that are less than a container and non-containerized loads for shipments which are too large or odd sized to fit into an ocean container. To measure your shipment accurately, you will need to determine its volume size, taking into account whether or not your goods can be stacked. For example, if you have stackable goods, then you may be able to use just one container on the ocean liner, while if your goods cannot be stacked you will need to schedule enough space for all of the items in a single layer. You will also need to work with Amerijet to ensure the proper documentation accompanies your shipment. If you are shipping hazardous materials, for example, you will need to ensure each box or part of the shipment has a visible label. Amerijet can provide services that allow you to leaving packing, labeling and crating in the hands of reliable professionals. You can also arrange for warehousing in either the country of departure or in the destination country through Amerijet. Shipping Vehicles Shipping vehicles with ocean freight shipping is as simple as choosing your port of departure and arrival. Your vehicles will be loaded onto the carrier using the roll on, roll off method. Amerijet will work with you to provide the proper documentation for shipping vehicles to international locations, ensuring that your shipments spends less time in customs to reach their destination in less time.

Date: 7/22/2009

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