Shipping To South America

Shipping to South America is possible with Amerijet, a company that offer shipping services for live animals, human remains, hazardous materials and many other types of commodities. You can choose ocean cargo shipping, courier services or air cargo transportation services for your commercial and personal shipments to South America. Ocean Freight Shipping Ocean freight shipping is an excellent choice for shipping vehicles to South America. Amerijet offers ocean freight services via its subsidiary I.T.N. Consolidators, with contract with all major ocean liners that can ship large quantities of goods, whether you are shipping hazardous materials, live animals or other commercial items. You may choose to use one cargo container for shipping your personal vehicle, and then use the remaining space for other household goods. When shipping to South America, Amerijet can also offer personalized courier service and other air freight services. Courier and package services allow you to send your items from your door directly to the destination in South America. Courier and small package services are available for both commercial and personal shipments of goods, and can also be transported using inland trucking upon their arrival in South America. Courier services are an excellent choice when your shipment requires personal care. Shipping Vehicles Shipping to South America often includes large commercial shipments. Amerijet can provide you with several ocean liner schedules which serve the South America region on a regular basis. With scheduled sailing dates throughout the week, giving you access to a company that can get your goods on their way to the arrival point quickly and efficiently. For extra large shipments of goods, you may want to pre-schedule your departure date with Amerijet to ensure your goods are at the departure port within the timeframe you desire. Amerijet can also provide tracking services when shipping to South America. If you would like to be able to track your shipment as it moves overseas, then all you need to do is check the Amerijet website with your tracking number.

Date: 4/24/2009

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