Shipping Hazardous Materials Internationally

Shipping hazardous materials can include all shipments of commercial and personal goods. There are many common items that are considered hazardous, including paints, hairsprays and other materials that can be considered potentially dangerous. Amerijet will provide all of the information that you need to make the shipping efficient, including help preparing the paperwork for the shipment. Documenting Your Shipment Shipping hazardous materials overseas requires that the proper documentation accompany your shipment. The materials must be clearly marked if they are flammable or dangerous, and the items must be labeled as declared as hazardous during transportation and the routine customs inspections. Amerijet will work with you to ensure all of the proper documentation accompanies your shipment of hazardous materials. The Amerijet cargo shipping company follows all regulations extended by the International Air Transport Association, ensuring all documentation will be present upon arrival. You may contact the Amerijet customer service team in advance of your expected departure date to find more information about shipping hazardous materials, and which types of documentation your items will need to have before the departure date. Personalized Service Shipping hazardous materials with Amerijet can include air cargo or ocean cargo shipping, depending on your personal needs. Amerijet offers customized shipping services, including courier service, to ensure you will have all of the options that shipping hazardous materials requires. Amerijet offers the shipping of hazardous material worldwide, providing you with the service you need. There are also dozens of shipping destinations around the world offered by Amerijet, giving you access to shipping hazardous materials around the world. Ocean freight shipping is available for shipping hazardous materials to locations around the globe. You will want to contact Amerijet with your expected departure date, and to provide information about your shipment to ensure the proper documentation accompanies your shipment,, and so that your shipment can be prepared. Amerijet also offers warehousing, packing and crating services for customers needed this type of service for ocean cargo shipping.

Date: 4/28/2009

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