Shipping Animals Overseas

Shipping animals overseas can be accomplished with an ocean freight company. You can send both large, commercial shipments of animals, as well as smaller shipments of animals with Amerijet’s cargo shipping options. Whether you would like to ship by air or sea, shipping animals with Amerijet ensures a streamlined, efficient process. Documentation The Amerijet staff will work with you to complete all the documentation that you need when shipping animals. All animals must have immunizations and a health certificate as identified by both the country of departure and the destination country, and some animals may need to spend a certain amount of time in quarantine before shipping overseas. Amerijet will work with you to find solutions to shipping your live animals internationally. Amerijet also provides information on applying for permits that are needed when shipping animals overseas, including helpful links to online applications for the permits. Shipping animals has never been simpler than it is with Amerijet, whose customer support staff will work with you throughout the process to ensure all documentation is provided before the departure date so that you shipment is on schedule. Contacting Amerijet You will need to contact Amerijet’s customer service before your planned departure date to ensure you have ample time to secure the proper documentation. If you are planning on shipping animals on a regular basis, then you will be able to set up your forwarding logistics with Amerijet at any point in time. Shipping animals can be an efficient process with air cargo shipping. Cargo shipping can include all types of commodities, including live animals. Shipping animals with Amerijet ensure the safety and comfort of the animals, and your personal satisfaction with the shipping process. There are customer service representatives available around the world, making this cargo shipping company one that is easily accessed.

Date: 4/30/2009

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