Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean Freight Shipping Ocean freight cargo shipping is one of the best options available when you have a very large shipment of items to send overseas. Through its subsidiary I.T.N. Consolidators, Amerijet offers a full range of shipping options, ranging from smaller cargo to using an entire ocean liner for your goods. Ocean freight shipping is available for both personal and commercial shipments. Commercial Shipments Ocean freight cargo shipping is one of the more effective ways to can ship large items overseas. The cost for shipping will be based on the type of items, size, and weight of the products that you need to ship. Standard ocean cargo shipping is available for a wide selection of goods, including hazardous materials and live animals. There are no size or weight restrictions for standard ocean freight shipping, making it a good solution for extra large shipments, such as vehicle shipping. Personal Items Amerijet can also provide ocean freight shipping for personal belongings, and provides single cargo holds for household items. You have the option of sending household goods in the same cargo hold as a vehicle, which is an excellent option if you are moving overseas and need a cost effective way to move personal belongings. Amerijet will assist you with all of the proper documentation for your shipment of vehicles and personal items. Customer Service Quality customer service at Amerijet is available throughout the shipping process, and can provide details about the status of your shipments. Peace of mind is a guarantee when you choose Amerijet as your ocean freight shipping company!

Date: 4/6/2009

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