Air Cargo Shipping

Air Cargo Shipping Options with Amerijet Air cargo shipping is one of the best options available when you are looking for expedited shipping, whether you need to ship internationally or domestically. Amerijet offers several different shipping options, as well as personalized service and customer support options are personalized for your cargo shipping needs. Streamlined Shipping International air cargo shipping is a simple and effective way to move your goods overseas quickly. Expedited shipping is the top priority for staff during the loading process, ensuring that your expedited air cargo shipping will be fast and efficient. There are also standard air cargo shipping options, which provide a reliable service for shipping regular dry goods, perishables, large items, such as vehicles and other goods. The Amerijet staff will work with your company to find the right shipping option for you. Along with their personalized service, Amerijet also offers air cargo shipping on a regular basis for companies who export and import from overseas locations. With offices on several continents around the world, you are provided with local service in all of the ports that you ship to and from. Amerijet ships to areas around the world, including areas in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia and Europe. Customer Service Air cargo shipping can be tracked using the Amerijet website, and customer service is also available if you have any questions. Customers are the top priority, and personalized service can be expected with this air cargo shipping company. International shipments are handled with care, to ensure that all of the proper documentation is provided for international customs. Domestic air cargo shipping is also available. If you have a special shipment of items, such as live animals, that you need to send via air cargo shipping, Amerijet’s customer service can help you to find the right shipping option, whether you are shipping domestically or internationally.

Date: 3/30/2009

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