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No matter if you’re sending small packages or oversized items, using an experienced cargo shipping company ensures that your goods will arrive intact at final destination. Cargo shipping can involve sending one box to an entire boatload of goods, and care is given equally, no matter the shipment size or cargo type. Cargo shipping goes beyond what normal package mailing can do, because when you use a cargo shipping company, you can send all kinds of items to almost anywhere in the world. Items Eligible for Cargo Shipping Cargo shipping can be used to transport standard goods, but many professional cargo shipping companies go much further to offer a wide variety of services.  Live animals, hazardous materials, perishables and vehicles can be shipped, as well as other items like human remains or highly valuable assets. If you have an item you need taken special care of, cargo shipping is surely the way to go. Shipping Animals Using cargo shipping to ship animals is convenient and cost-effective. After you completed the proper documentation, your cargo shipping company will take great care of your animal cargo. In addition, your cargo shipping company will handle your life animal shipments in accordance with strict International Air Transportation (IATA) life animal transportation rules and guidelines. Shipping Hazardous Materials It is essential to find a cargo shipping company that is certified for shipping hazardous materials. The cargo shipping company will help you determine if the goods you are shipping are hazardous materials. In addition, they will recommend a certified hazardous materials packing company and assist with documentation to ensure the successful shipping of hazardous materials, as well as the safety of the company employees. Shipping Cars and Other Vehicle Shipping Cargo Shipping companies also have the ability for shipping cars and other vehicles such as machinery and equipment. There are a number of options for vehicle shipping depending upon your needs. When you choose a cargo shipping company to transport one of your largest assets, you will rest assured that your shipment will be properly cared for. Types of Cargo Shipping There are a number of methods of cargo shipping to best suit your needs. Depending upon the size of the cargo, the timeframe for shipping, and the final destination, you can choose between air cargo shipping companies, an ocean freight company or US trucking companies if your cargo shipping needs are within the continental United States. Air Cargo Shipping Air cargo shipping is used for small to oversized items and can be expedited if the shipment is urgent. Air cargo shipping is beneficial for both, international or domestic cargo shipping. In addition to the air transportation of goods, cargo shipping companies also offer additional services, such as documentation, customs clearance and door delivery. Ocean Freight Ocean freight companies are ideal to transport large loads that fill up a half a container or a full container. In addition, ocean freight works well for unusually large shipments. As with air cargo shipping, ocean freight companies can assist with the preparation of international shipping documentation and customs clearance. US Trucking US trucking services are essential to provide a complete transportation network. Most cargo shipping companies offer US trucking from all major sea ports and  airports throughout North America. In addition, trucking routes can be used for cargo shipping between two US destinations. US trucking services are suitable for most types of cargo.

Date: 2/25/2009

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