Consignments are accepted for carriage from their receipt at Carrier's Cargo Terminal or designated facility at the place of departure to the airport at the place of destination or for re-forwarding beyond the airport to destination. If such forwarding or re-forwarding is by carriage operated by Carrier, such carriage shall be upon the same terms as to liability as set forth in Paragraph (A) & (B) of Rule 70 hereof. In any other event, the issuing Carrier and last Carrier, respectively, in forwarding and re-forwarding the consignments, shall do so only as agents of the Shipper, owner, or Consignee, as the case may be and shall not be liable for any damage arising out of such additional carriage unless proved to have been caused by its own negligence or willful fault. Carrier will do all things advisable to effect such forwarding or re-forwarding, including but without limitation, selection of means of forwarding or re-forwarding and the routes thereof (unless these have been specified by the Shipper in the Air Waybill), execution and acceptance of document of carriage (which may include provisions exempting from or limiting liability) and consigning of consignments with no declaration of value, notwithstanding any declaration of value in the Air Waybill