1. EXECUTION: The Shipper or authorized agent of the Shipper shall make out, or have made out on his behalf, an Air Waybill for each shipment presented and shall deliver such Air Waybill to Carrier at the time and place Carrier accepts cargo for carriage
  2. APPARENT ORDER AND CONDITION OF CARGO: If the apparent order and condition of the cargo and/or packing is other than good, the Shipper shall insert in the Air Waybill the apparent order and condition of the cargo and/or packing. However, if the Shipper fails to do so, or if such statement is inaccurate, Carrier shall insert in the Air Waybill a statement of the apparent order and condition or note a correction thereon.
  3. PREPARATION, COMPLETION OR CORRECTION BY CARRIER: Carrier will at the request of the Shipper, make out the Air Waybill, in which event, subject to proof to the contrary, Carrier shall be deemed to have done so on behalf of the Shipper. If the Air Waybill handed over with the cargo does not contain all the required particulars, or if it contains any error, Carrier is authorized to complete or correct it to the best of Carrier's ability without being under any obligation to do so.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARTICULARS: The Shipper is responsible to Carrier and all other persons for the correctness of the particulars and completeness of the particulars and statements which he inserts in the Air Waybill, or which Carrier inserts on his behalf. The Shipper shall be liable for all damages suffered by Carrier or any other person by reason of the irregularity, incorrectness or incompleteness of said particulars or statements, whether the Air Waybill was made out by or on behalf of the Shipper by Carrier (or completed by Carrier) on behalf of the Shipper pursuant to Paragraph C above.
  5. ALTERATIONS: Air Waybills, on which the writing has been altered or erased, need not be accepted by Carrier..
  6. CONTENTS OF SHIPMENT: The contents of shipments must be indicated by accurate and complete descriptions on the Air Waybill. The total number of pieces included in a shipment must be specified on the Air Waybill.
  7. CHANGE TO PAYMENT OF CHARGES: The charges for transportation may be changed from collect charges to prepaid charges, or from prepaid charges to collect charges, only upon written request of the Shipper to the Carrier prior to delivery of the consignment to the Consignee or his agent.
  8. Refers to a cargo correction advice