1. Shipments must be packed so as to insure safe carriage with ordinary care and handling and so as to not to injure or damage any persons or property. Each package shall be legibly and durably marked with the name and full street address of the Shipper and Consignee.
  2. Packages containing Valuable Cargo, as defined in Rule No. 2 herein, must be sealed with wax, each seal showing perfect impression of the sealing instrument. Other sealing methods will be permitted by Carrier subject to advance arrangements.
  3. Shipments containing Articles of Extraordinary Value as defined in Rule No. 2 herein must be packed in outside containers with measurements of 27 cubic feet or more.
  4. Any shipment containing any property susceptible to damage by ordinary care in handling or as a result of any conditions, such as high or low temperatures, or atmospheric pressures or sudden changes in either, which may be encountered in air transportation, must be adequately protected by proper packing and any other necessary means and must be plainly marked so as to indicate the nature of the shipment.
  5. Shellfish, fish and seafood must be enclosed in a leak proof and odor proof container(s) if packed in water or ice.
  6. Magnetic materials must be plainly labeled "Magnetic Material".
  7. All shipments of articles and commodities which are susceptible to leakage while in the possession of Carrier must be packed in solid, leak proof boxes or inner containers provided by the Shipper.
  8. Packing, marking and labeling to include quantity of restricted articles/hazardous materials must comply with U.S. D.O.T. Hazardous Materials Regulations, or IATA Regulations whichever is most comprehensive at the time and date of shipment.
  9. Piece(s) with a weight in excess of the floor bearing capacity of available aircraft must be provided with a suitable skid or base which will distribute the weight of the piece(s) so as not to exceed such aircraft capacity. The weight of such skid or base will be included in the weight of the Shipment.
  10. Liquids, fragile or perishable articles must not be enclosed in the same package as wearing apparel.
  11. Firearms must be packed in a manufacturer's crushproof container made specifically for the firearm(s), or in a hard case. Firearms must be unloaded for transportation.
  12. It will be the Shipper’s sole responsibility for any non-compliance with the conditions set for in the Rule relating to or causing any damage, delay, or loss of whatsoever nature of the cargo; and the Shipper agrees to indemnify the Carrier for any liability or responsibility for any such damage, delay, loss of whatsoever nature, and penalties the Carrier may incur due to the carriage of such cargo.