Carrier undertakes to transport, subject to space and availability of suitable equipment, all shipments unless otherwise excluded by Carrier's tariffs and provided that:
  1. the transportation, exportation or importation thereof is not prohibited by the laws or regulations of any country to be flown from, to, into or over;
  2. they are packed and delivered ready for  carriage by aircraft;
  3. they are accompanied by the requisite shipping documents;
  4. they are not likely to endanger aircraft, persons or property or cause annoyance to crew members.

It will be the Shipper’s sole responsibility for any non-compliance with the conditions set for in the Rule relating to or causing any damage, delay, or less of whatsoever nature of the cargo; and the Shipper agrees to indemnify the Carrier for any liability or responsibility for any such damage, delay, loss of whatsoever nature, and penalties the Carrier may incur due to the carriage of such cargo.