Subject to advance arrangements, carrier will transport oversize shipments as defined in paragraph A below subject to the rates and charges shown in paragraph B of this rule.

  1. Oversized freight is defined as a piece or pieces, which because of their dimensions, special tie-down requirements, top-loading restrictions or floor-bearing weight limitations prevent other freight from being loaded on one or more Carrier pallets.
  2. Oversized freight will be assessed at the applicable rate subject to the following chargeable weight:
    1. the actual or dimensional weight, or
    2. a weight of 4,400 pounds for each pallet (or fraction thereof) occupied by the shipment (including tie-down and shoring) whichever is greater.
  3. A service charge will be applied to shipments that are required to be tied down. Also see Annex A.
  4. Additional charges and/or refusal of cargo may occur if the weight of the pieces exceeds the aircraft floor limitations.

Unusual shipments do not apply to this rule. Refer to Rule No. 50, paragraph 6